A Community Oasis of Fun & Learning

ETCA is a constant hub of activity and fun.  Every day of the week you will find women and children congregating at ETCA.  You will see children playing, laughing, relaxing and working on their homework.  You will see women working together, talking and sharing life.

In the simplest terms it can be described as a Community Center with programming and resources for the residents of El Transito.  The Center is home to a women’s co-op which employs 7-10 women to design and sew artisanal goods.  It is also home to a beautiful public library, a Tourist Information Center and 3 small apartments which can be rented out to visitors.

Beyond it’s physical attributes, ETCA also provides funding and support to other environmental and educational initiatives, such as the Turtle Sanctuary, regular guest speakers, and health programing.

If you ever find yourself in El Transito stop by to meet some of the residents and learn about scheduled activities.  We would love to have you!

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