Literacy in rural Nicaragua

Just 25 years ago Nicaragua was facing an educational and literacy crisis. Less than 50% of its residents could read and even fewer could write.

Thanks to a public initiative to increase literacy and lots of international private support, that figure has grown significantly.  Now, it is estimated that nearly 80% of Nicaraguans can now read and write.

Poor economic conditions have still left many residents without access to books.  Many children have never seen or touched a book until they enter elementary school.  And this is why the ETCA Public Library is such a treasure!

The idea of a free, public library with over 1000 books is unheard of in rural Nicaragua.  The library at ETCA offers many the precious opportunity to read, check out books, play with games and paint and color with craft materials.

In a country where access to books and art supplies is very limited this truly is a gift to the community.

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