A Community Center in the Heart of it All

Curious about the ETCA property?  We are a series of buildings located on 1/3 of an acre in the heart of El Transito.  There are 3 main buildings.

The southern most building consists of 3 rooms available to rent.  Each room has a number of beds, and a private bathroom.

The newest section consists of three-rooms on the east side of ETCA’s property which houses our community library and 2 rooms for our women’s co-op.  This building provides an airy space to work and sew, display products, and read in the shade.

Our property has been a work in progress, which we have built, repaired and improved over the years.

In 2008, founder Julie Sim Edwards purchased the land and began housing crafters and sewers.  In 2009 she began construction on the sleeping accommodations and completed this wing in 2010.

In 2011 we realized it was time for another addition – The roof of our library leaked, its walls and treasured books were prone to aggressive termites due to the deterioration of the existing building-Rancho Fifo; our women’s co-operative members sewed and worked outside on the covered patio all day; and our group of burgeoning young artisans and artists were without a space to create quality work.  It was time for a change! We therefore

etcaconstruction1committed to making positive changes to impact our production, quality, and working conditions at the Arts Center.


library inside 1200 x 900ETCA_Door etcaproperty_2015

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