The Library at ETCA is a center of learning, activity and fun for children and adults in El Transito. It is a happy place for all to enjoy reading, after-school activities, games and community support.

In 2011 we opened El Transito’s first public library. In partnership with Traveling Stories ( and NICA (, our library started with approximately 380 books, and has now grown to over 1200 books!

The Library continues to be a vital resource to students in El Transito. It is a positive, peaceful place for both children and adults to enjoy reading, games and after-school activities.  We offer special group activities and reading events in various age groups to encourage more frequent visits.

The need for additional Spanish books is constant as the residents of El Transito have very limited resources for studies and research.  An ongoing effort remains to locate additional Spanish books and games, children’s art supplies, and study and research materials and textbooks and references. If you are interested in donating money, books or supplies please let us know.



ETCA is working to become a self-sustaining organization, however, we are not there yet.  Your donation goes directly towards helping the women and children in El Transito, Nicaragua.

Please note: El Transito Centro de Artes is not an official registered US non-profit organization, so donations are not tax deductible.

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