In a town where there are virtually no employment opportunities for women, the women of ETCA are coming together to provide goods and services to a growing global community.

Meet the women of ETCA

When ETCA started its women’s group in 2009, no one had any idea what the potential was or what it meant to be collective business owners.  We are but a bunch of women in the process of learning, maturing and perfecting our skills.  Our reversible bags and unique scarves, for example, are being sought after in selective Los Angeles and Houston markets.

Meanwhile, our self-esteem is becoming stronger.  It is tremendous that the women of the ETCA cooperatives are becoming self-sustaining and valuable contributors to their families’ welfare.  We know that ETCA is succeeding when, on a work day, the husbands of the women bring lunch to their wives at the Arts Center; rarely, Nica men would change diapers, cook dinner, and look after babies so that their wives can continue producing.  Empowering women is one certain way to advance our main goal.

You can show your support for the women at ETCA (and provide valuable jobs) by purchasing items today.